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Attention to maintenance of mixer truck in summer

  • May 27, 2020

With the end of the epidemic in China, construction sites of all sizes have been resumed, and concrete transportation has gradually entered the peak season. Now the summer is coming, the temperature is gradually rising, if the hydraulic system does not pay attention to maintenance in high temperature environment, it is easy to cause failure. So today we'll talk about what needs to be done by the concrete mixer before summer.

● three major concrete mixer parts maintenance

Hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor and reducer are called the "three major parts" of concrete mixer. Their quality greatly affects the attendance efficiency of the mixer, so their maintenance is also the top priority.

1. Replace the pipeline sealing gasket in advance. Rubber products are easy to accelerate aging in the high temperature environment in summer, and the working environment of concrete mixer is relatively poor. Therefore, before entering summer, the pipeline should be checked in advance, and the sealing gasket should be replaced to avoid oil leakage, oil leakage and other faults.

2. Replace the hydraulic filter element when changing the hydraulic oil. Many users are used to changing the hydraulic oil into the special oil in summer when summer comes. The editor reminds us that the filter element must be changed together.

3. Check the reducer. When changing the gear oil of the reducer, it is necessary to check the internal gear of the reducer at the same time, and judge whether it needs to be cleaned according to the use situation, so as to increase the service life of the reducer.

4. Confirm the radiator function. In summer, the temperature is high, so the role of radiator is very important. Therefore, it must be checked in advance whether the radiator can be opened automatically when the hydraulic oil is high temperature, so as to avoid the high temperature of the lower hydraulic oil.

● mixing tank maintenance

In summer, if the mixing tank is not carefully maintained, it is easy to cause concrete caking and affect subsequent work.

1. Pay attention to cleaning and keep wet. Before each loading, the feed inlet shall be cleaned with water to keep it wet; after loading, the residual concrete shall be cleaned with clear water; after unloading, the discharge outlet shall be cleaned first, and then 30-40l clear water shall be added into the tank to clean the interior, and the sewage shall be discharged before the next loading.

2. Check frequently. The water tank shall be filled with water at the same time of each loading to facilitate cleaning and use; the concrete storage tank and the surrounding of the inlet and outlet shall be cleaned thoroughly before the end of work to ensure that there is no cement and concrete caking.

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