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1.7 cubic concrete mixer truck with Chinese characteristics

  • 2020-05-26 10:17:34

Over the years, the heavy concrete mixer used to be the world of Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Hino and other imported Japanese trucks. Now the concrete mixer truck has popularized the chassis made in China, and recently the tricycle chassis has appeared, which low price is suitable for the rural market.

1.7 cubic concrete mixer truck with Chinese characteristics

There are many national vehicles in the Chinese market. The low-speed truck represented by the tricycle is a typical example. It once produced and sold millions of cars every year. But now it is gradually replaced by regular automobile products such as light truck.

Three wheeled agricultural vehicles are very popular in rural markets all over China. The dump trucks and concrete mixer truck with three wheeled chassis is adapted to the China rural market.

This truck has various functions of concrete mixer

The concrete mixer on the 4x2 chassis nearby has 7 cubic tanks, which is very small, but the tank of the three wheel concrete mixer is only 1.5 cubic meters

The material receiving and discharging ports at the back of the tank are relatively thin, and the pedaling ladder is also very simple. This truck uses shaft drive and air brake. The shaft drive is more reliable than the traditional three-wheel belt drive, and the air brake is safer.

Some light truck manufacturers, such as Isuzu, insist on not supplying air brake for light truck, which virtually gives up a considerable part of the Chinese market. Look at the fact that even tricycles are equipped with air brakes. Is there any reason why those light trucks are not equipped with air brake versions?

This product can be regarded as a simple mobile concrete mixer, saving space and manpower, and avoiding environmental pollution at the construction site. Combined with its price of less than $8000, it should still be very large in rural areas and township markets.

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