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Brake clearance automatic adjusting arm operating principle

  • 2020-05-21 16:01:37

The function of the automatic adjusting arm shall be to accurately record the increase in clearance caused by friction lining wear and accurately adjust the brake clearance to the normal working range.

Angle travel when braking

The angle stroke of the adjusting arm during braking can be divided into three parts:

Working principle of automatic clearance adjusting arm

1. Clearance angle, corresponding to the normal clearance between the brake drum and the friction lining;

2. The excessive clearance angle corresponds to the increased clearance due to the wear of the friction lining;

3. The elasticity angle corresponds to the elasticity caused by power transmission of brake drum, friction lining, brake cylinder and brake system.

When the clearance is adjusted automatically, the elastic angle in the angle stroke shall be avoided as far as possible. If there is no difference between the excessive clearance angle and the elastic angle, it will be compensated at any time, which will cause excessive adjustment, resulting in "dragging" or even "locking".

Automatic adjustment arm working process

At the beginning of braking, the adjusting arm drives the camshaft to turn the clearance angle and excess clearance angle, and accurately records the wear. At this time, the travel of cam angle is in the clearance area, which is characterized by little change of braking torque.

When braking is continued, the travel of cam angle enters into the elastic deformation area, and the braking torque rises sharply until the vehicle stops. Release the pedal, brake return, brake torque reduction, cam angle travel back to the clearance area. According to the excessive clearance recorded during braking, the internal adjustment mechanism drives the camshaft to rotate through a certain angle through the worm gear, so as to complete one-time adjustment.

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