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Brief introduction of leaf spring

  • 2020-07-15 12:30:04

Leaf spring is one of the most widely used elastic components in automobile suspension. It is an elastic beam with approximately equal strength composed of a number of alloy springs with equal width but different length (thickness can be equal or not).

Brief introduction: the most widely used elastic component of automobile suspension

Type: multi leaf spring, few leaf spring

Advantages: simple structure and reliable operation

Scope of application: automotive suspension

Missing point: can only be used for non independent suspension

Truck leaf spring is very important. Leaf spring is composed of many elastic, uniform width and thickness, and different length of steel. Its function is to connect the frame and the axle together in the form of suspension, exposed between the frame and the axle, bear the load impact of the wheel on the frame, reduce the violent vibration of the body, and maintain the stability of the vehicle and adaptability to different road conditions.

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