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Four kinds of semitrailer truck suspension

  • 2020-05-26 08:45:37

The suspension of semi-trailer truck is an important part which connects the walking device of semi-trailer truck chassis with the frame. The supporting force, braking force and driving force of the vehicle are all transmitted through the suspension system, and it can also reduce the impact of bad roads on the vehicle shock absorption to ensure the stability of the vehicle, its importance is self-evident. Here is a brief introduction to the four common suspensions on the lower semi-trailer truck: steel plate suspension, air suspension, single point suspension and rigid suspension.

● steel plate suspension

steel plate suspension

Steel plate balance suspension

Leaf spring balanced suspension (round bridge)

Steel plate suspension is a common steel plate spring, which is mainly composed of steel plate spring, suspension support (commonly known as lifting lug), connecting rod, U-bolt and other parts. The biggest advantages of this suspension are low price, good reliability and convenient maintenance. At present, more than 80% of ordinary semi-trailer trucks in China use leaf spring balanced suspension.

● air suspension

Fuwa® air suspension axle

Fuwa® air suspension axle

air suspension

BPW® air suspension axle

The most obvious characteristic of air suspension is its air spring with air bag. The advantages of air suspension are light weight and good stability. The disadvantage is that the price is too high. At present, the Chinese trailer truck air suspension is mainly in the high-end fields such as precision instrument transportation, tobacco transportation, hazardous chemical transportation, etc.

● rigid suspension

 80 Tons rigid suspension

80 Tons rigid suspension

The rigid suspension is mainly suitable for the axis low flat semi-trailer truck and concave beam trailer carrying goods at low speed. The damping effect is poor when driving at high speed.

Single point suspension

Single point suspension is to reduce the common front and rear brackets of leaf spring to single bracket connected to the vehicle body, which is less used on ordinary semi-trailer trucks. Compared with ordinary leaf spring suspension, single point suspension has larger bearing capacity, mainly used in heavy vehicles.

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