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Main functions and using attention of the stabilizer bar

  • 2020-05-21 17:33:23

1. Main functions of the stabilizer bar

The stabilizer bar is an auxiliary component in vehicle suspension. It can prevent the vehicle body from excessive lateral roll when turning and passing the uneven road surface without changing the rigidity of vehicle steel plate, and reduce the possibility of vehicle lateral roll.

2. Working principle of stabilizer bar

The rod body of the lateral stabilizer bar is supported on the frame through a sleeve, and the rod body can rotate in the sleeve to form a hinge support. The ends of the longitudinal parts on both sides of the rod are connected with the spring support on the suspension through the hinge. When the vehicle body is only subject to the vertical movement of symmetrical load, and the deformation of suspension on both sides is equal, the lateral stabilizer bar rotates in the sleeve, and the sleeve moves along the longitudinal direction. At this time, all parts of the lateral stabilizer bar are free of force and do not play a stabilizing role; when the deformation of suspension on both sides is unequal, and the vehicle body is inclined, the longitudinal parts on both sides of the stabilizer bar deflect in different directions, so the lateral stabilizer bar is subject to torsion and the elasticity of the bar body The restoring moment, which produces resistance to the torsional deformation, reduces the inclination caused by the inertia force of the body when turning, and makes it return to the center position.

3. What should be paid attention to when using the stabilizer bar?

If the rigidity of the stabilizer bar is too soft or too hard, it will lose its proper effect. For example, when a vehicle is overloaded, it is like installing a too soft lateral stabilizer bar on the vehicle, which can hardly work and increase the possibility of rollover when the vehicle rolls. While wishing you all a safe journey, Xiao Bian also called on you not to neglect the safety of driving just for efficiency.

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