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SANY CAMC mixer truck Steering Knuckle 60017546(3)3001015TSLA supplier and manufacturers in China

  • 2021-04-27 14:39:47

SANY CAMC mixer truck Steering Knuckle 60017546(3)3001015TSLA supplier and manufacturers in China.

Steering knuckle, also known as "sheep's horn", is one of the important parts of automobile steering axle, which can make the automobile drive stably and transmit the driving direction sensitively.

The function of the steering knuckle is to transfer and bear the front load of the car, support and drive the front wheel to rotate around the kingpin to make the car turn. In the running state of the car, it bears a variable impact load, so it is required to have high strength.

Steering knuckle structure

Steering knuckle is the hinge of wheel steering, which is generally fork shaped. The upper and lower forks have two coaxial holes for installing the kingpin, and the knuckle journal is used to install the wheel. The two ears of the pin hole on the steering knuckle are connected with the fist shaped parts at both ends of the front axle through the kingpin, so that the front wheel can deflect a certain angle around the kingpin to make the car turn. In order to reduce the wear, the bronze bushing is pressed into the pin hole of the steering knuckle, and the lubrication of the bushing is injected with grease through the nozzle installed on the steering knuckle. In order to make the steering flexible, a bearing is installed between the lower ear of the steering knuckle and the fist shaped part of the front axle. An adjusting gasket is also arranged between the upper ear of the steering knuckle and the fist shaped part to adjust the clearance between them.


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