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Sany driverless electric mixer truck has a bright future with 18 new patents

  • 2020-05-20 15:59:19

On July 29, 2019, Sany's pure electric driverless concrete mixer truck officially went offline in the Sany special automobile factory of Shaoyang, becoming the world's first electric concrete mixer to realize driverless.

Sany pure electric driverless concrete mixer truck successfully went offline

The vehicle senses the situation of the road ahead through the camera and radar, then the signal is processed by the processor, and then the control command is sent to the vehicle controller, so as to realize the unmanned driving.

According to the person in charge of the plant, the automatic driving system is independently developed by the 31 Intelligent Research Institute, and its operation accuracy can reach centimeter level. The car also has its own constant temperature management system, which can work from 50°C to - 50 ° C, not affected by altitude, increasing the adaptability to harsh environment.

At the same time, as a pure electric engineering vehicle, the vehicle uses the world's leading power battery system, thermal management technology and vehicle safety design, with a range of 250 km, to meet the driving needs of one day.

Sany special vehicle workshop

In 2018, the output value of Sany special truck mixer, intelligent environmental protection residue truck, automobile chassis, automobile parts and components reached 5.2 billion yuan. This year, the output value is expected to reach 8 billion yuan.

Since its establishment in Shaoyang, Sany special purpose vehicle has been growing much.

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