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Sany mixer truck Introduction

  • 2020-08-03 10:45:56

Sany mixer truck is one of the concrete machinery developed and produced by SANY concrete division. At present, it has become the largest mixer production base in China and exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as Italy, UAE, Algeria, Sudan and Nigeria.

Sany is one of the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers, the world's largest concrete machinery manufacturer, China's top 500 enterprises, the most comprehensive benefit and competitiveness enterprise in the construction machinery industry, Forbes "China's top enterprise", China's most growing independent brand, China's most competitive brand, China's construction machinery industry's iconic brand, and top 500 Asian brands.

Key products and characteristics

More varieties and more choices

Sany mixer truck has a variety of products, covering 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13.5, 15 cubic meters, Europe IV and right rudder, height limit and weight reduction and other specifications and models, fully meet the personalized needs of customers.

Fast feeding, fast discharging and more loading

Capacity upgrade, in the industry with the largest amount of car loading; easy to meet customer demand, improve the use of economy.

Good configuration, good service

Equipped with Hino engine, fast transmission, imitation Isuzu front axle, Steyr middle and rear axle, full floating European cab and other technologies. Mature and reliable parts can improve the operation reliability of the whole vehicle; 09sy luxury interior and brand-new industrial modeling are applied. The whole vehicle is beautiful and exquisite without losing atmosphere. All over the country after-sales service network and 24-hour uninterrupted service, the best hotline in the country.

Save fuel, worry and effort

The dual power mode fuel saving technology is adopted, and the vehicle lightweight design is carried out at the same time to continuously reduce the fuel consumption. Mixing constant speed control is adopted. Technology, semi can bus, engine fault display and diagnosis system, multi-functional steering wheel, digital electronic control air conditioning and multi-function video. To realize multiple intelligent control of the whole vehicle in driving and operation.

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