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Using Precautions for truck clutch plate

  • 2020-05-28 12:23:40

Truck Clutch plate is the medium to transfer engine power to gearbox. The material of clutch plate is similar to that of brake plate, and its friction plate has certain high temperature resistance.

In theory, the clutch plate belongs to friction material, which is the same as the brake plate and belongs to high consumables. But in fact, many drivers only change the clutch plate once a few years, some owners even wait until the smell of burning clutch plate.

However, there is no specific replacement cycle for the clutch plate. Generally, the replacement can be determined according to the following two situations.

Transmission plate Gearbox Clutch Plate for Isuzu 51Q 51Y

Transmission plate Gearbox Clutch Plate for Isuzu 51Q 51Y


It's mainly about the operation. It can also be said that if your car is still very powerful, you will change the clutch plate. Of course, sometimes it needs experienced repairmen to judge. Sometimes the driver can also judge according to his daily differences. The general requirement is that 100000 km should be replaced by force.

Loss and usage

If you can't run at high speed, you can only run 80-90km (because the clutch slips) when you step on the accelerator. When I start in gear 1, I feel that the front and rear running of the vehicle is quite fierce. At this time, I need to check the clutch plate and pressure plate. Secondly, if I feel astringent when I step on and lift the clutch, I also need to replace it.

Gearbox Clutch Plate for Isuzu 51Q 51Y

Serious loss of clutch plate mainly includes the following aspects:

1. The higher the clutch is used

2. The car doesn't climb well

3. The car can obviously smell the burning smell after driving for a period of time

4. The sound of metal friction can be heard each time the clutch is lifted

5. When driving in high speed gear, step on the accelerator to the end, the speed increases but the speed does not increase

How to reduce the loss of clutch plate in daily driving:

1. Do not step on the clutch when not shifting

2. The semi linkage time shall not be too long, and the gear shifting shall be reasonable according to the road conditions

3. When parking, take off the neutral gear and release the clutch pedal

4. Use first gear when starting to reduce clutch overload

The clutch plate is not easy to check at ordinary times, so its condition is not easy to be detected. Many car owners often find out when there is something wrong with the clutch, or when the clutch plate is burnt and smells pungent. This situation is very dangerous. I hope this article can help the driver master understand the state of the clutch plate of his vehicle and ensure driving safety.

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