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SANY cooperates with Sinopec Heavy Lifting & Transportation

  • July 15, 2020


On July 10, two SCC4000A-2 and two SCC2800A Sany crawler cranes were handed over to Sinopec Heavy Lifting & Transportation Co., Ltd. Mr. Xiang Wenbo, president of Sany Heavy Industry, Mr. Wang Guohua, chairman of Sinopec Heavy Lifting & Transportation and Mr. Wu Bingfang, secretary of Wuxin CPC District Committee, attended at the handover ceremony.


SCC4000A-2 can lift 400t freight to 84m high and embraces maximum lifting moment of 5280t·m. With the boom length ranges from 20m to 84m,and fixed jib reached 42m, the lifting capacity of the SCC2800A reaches 280 ton and lifting moment reaches 1620t·m.


"Trusted by China's top state-owned and private hoisting enterprises, Sany is dedicated to providing better products and services and creating greater value for customers," said Mr. Xiang Wenbo.

"The handover of these four units of crane is an important move in the backdrop of our reform to enhance our construction handling capacity by upgrading our equipment. It is also a very good start of our cooperation with SANY. We are very happy to be a part of the mission and work hand in hand with SANY to make the world regain a new sense of China’s technology and manufacturing," Mr. Wang Guohua commented in the ceremony.

The shared pursuit of "creating a world-class enterprise" has brought this successful cooperation with the strong support of technology and quality-driven efforts. This cooperation not only offered a chance to strengthen mutual communication to make more professional solutions possible but also matched the bigger vision to bring the general good and better life to the world.

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