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Sany first new energy electric heavy truck

  • January 08, 2021

In the context of energy conservation and environmental protection, emission upgrading and the state's strong support and encouragement for the development of new energy, various brands of heavy truck have started to lay out new energy. Sany Heavy Truck, as a leading brand of Internet commercial vehicles, has invested in research and development in the field of new energy. Recently, the first new energy heavy truck ev-490 of Sany Heavy Truck, Junfeng version, has been exposed. How about this new energy heavy truck?

Named "Junfeng version", the appearance continues the classic style

Consistent with the naming rules of Sany Heavy Truck models such as Zhuhong and Yinsong, this brand-new electric tractor continues to be named after the R & D designer, named after the designer of this model Zhou Junfeng as "Junfeng ev490".

In terms of appearance, the appearance of Junfeng 490 is basically consistent with that of other Sany Heavy Truck models. It adopts family style design, tiger style front face and large area applique, which is beautiful and atmospheric. At the same time, in order to reflect the green environmental protection attribute, the car also has green cab and battery box.

Similar to the gas heavy truck, the power battery, which stores energy for the whole vehicle, is arranged in the rear of the 490 cab of Junfeng version. It can realize 5-minute fast power change, completely solve the problem of long waiting for charging, and ensure the driving range of the vehicle. In terms of market positioning, Junfeng 490 is positioned in the transportation market of sand, stone, coal and other bulk goods, which can meet the increasingly stringent emission requirements, respond to the development trend of new energy encouraged by the state, and the economic benefits of scale operation are better than that of fuel truck.

Powerful power, fast power change in 5 minutes

In terms of power, Junfeng 490 adopts high-efficiency and high-power permanent magnet synchronous motor, with rated power of 250KW, peak power of 360kw, rated torque of 1200n · m, peak torque of 2400N · m, motor efficiency of more than 95%, and strong power; through platform design, new technology development, combined with CAE simulation and electromagnetic simulation technology, the motor has better performance.

It is matched with 6-gear helical aluminum case automatic transmission, which saves frequent manual shifting during driving and reduces driver's labor intensity. The automatic transmission has the advantages of high efficiency, light weight, low noise, excellent climbing performance, and can cope with various road conditions calmly. The vehicle adopts the drive mode of motor AMT gearbox transmission shaft drive axle, which is the classic drive mode in the current electric heavy truck market and has been verified in the market for a long time.

Due to the heavy load and relatively high power consumption of pure electric heavy truck, how to reduce the charging time and improve the operation efficiency is a problem that the replacement of electric heavy truck needs to actively deal with. Junfeng ev490 adopts large capacity and high performance lithium iron phosphate power battery, which is safe and reliable. The whole vehicle is equipped with an efficient intelligent automatic power exchange system, which can realize 5-minute fast power exchange, completely solve the problem of long waiting for charging, improve the transportation efficiency, and realize 24-hour operation. At the same time, it is equipped with double gun DC fast charging, which can make up power quickly at any time. In the area without power station, charging can be completed within 1 hour.

Lightweight design, more than 1 ton lighter than competitive products

Heavy truck lightweight is a technology that all models focus on research and application, and electric vehicles have higher requirements for lightweight. Junfeng ev490 has passed many lightweight technology applications, such as compact and highly integrated design, a large number of high-strength aluminum alloy materials, lightweight and less leaf spring technology, high-strength steel plate axle housing technology, lightweight wheel hub and brake, to realize the ultimate lightweight of vehicles, improve the carrying capacity and help users quickly return to the cost. Compared with similar competitive products, Junfeng ev490 weighs less than 1 ton.

Junfeng ev-490 is based on solving the pain point of new energy heavy truck. Aiming at the environmental protection, safety, efficiency and cost factors that users pay attention to, it can not only achieve zero emission, but also create more value for users.

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