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Sany pure electric concrete mixer truck arrived in Nanjing

  • May 20, 2020

Recently, 10 Sany pure electric concrete mixer trucks started from Shaoyang, Hunan Province. After 60 hours, they crossed 7 cities and covered 1200 kilometers. Finally, they arrived in Nanjing safely and on schedule, setting a new global record for a single trip of electric engineering vehicles.

All along, heavy trucks are big polluters. The emission of a heavy truck is equal to the exhaust emission of at least 30 cars. It is imperative to electrify heavy trucks.

In July 2019, the world's first pure electric, driverless concrete mixer officially went offline in the Sany special automobile factory of Shaoyang. As a pure electric engineering vehicle, the vehicle adopts the world's leading power battery system, thermal management technology and safety design, with a range of 250km and automatic driving accuracy of centimeter level. Compared with the same type of fuel vehicles, the power consumption is more than 50% less than the fuel consumption cost, the maintenance cost is reduced by 60%, the emission is reduced to 0, and the market prospect is huge.

At present, the first batch of commercial pure electric port tractors and electric slag trucks developed by SANY have been used in batches in many regions in China.

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